the aromatic mint and parsley salad

This will be short, fast and simple.
I'm in a hurry and starving.
There's a big bunch of mint and parsley in the fridge. I bought them specifically to use for this.

Fresh herbs are expensive in Barcelona, even in the market, so you have to use them wisely.

So yeah, I also have two oranges, a nectarine, a red onion, good spanish olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

I cut the herbs roughly, peal the orange and the onion, and slice htem really nice and thin along with the nectarine. Try to do a good job with the oranges. Make sure that all the juice that comes out while slicing goes into the salad. It will give an interesting taste to the dressing and it´s one of those details that makes all the difference.

Mix everything, add the olive oil, the balsamic vinegar and sea salt.

Plate using a nice charming bowl, add some parmesan cheese on top. Can´t you feel the texture and see the colors? Aren't they great? Isn't it flavourful and refreshing? I love it.

Here´s an important part, grab your bowl, grab a beer, sit in the window, get some sun and with luck you´ll see the hot neighboor...
Dont get too excited, and go back to work !

I picked this one up from Jamie Oliver, but I added my personal touch.
Some chefs would get offended by it, i mean, by other chefs using their recepies and bla, bla.. ridiculous, I call it. In my opinion they should be feeling proud that their work and creativity is recognized and used by someone who pays good attention to their art.

I'll appreciate it if someone will use some of my recipies.