Bifana is the most wellknown sandwich in Portugal. It's common everywhere but tastes better on certain occasions.

I'll never forget the "rolotes" (vans transformed in bars) selling Bifana infront of the football stadium. You can't watch the match without having at least one washed down with a "mini", a small bottle of beer. Try a Bifana when coming back home after a late night and you'll be in heaven. Bifana+mini=Great fun

The secret to this sandwich is that there is no secret, a big hot pan, lots of old oil ... slices of meat, pork or beef, cheap bread, old mustard and very crusty old ketchup (expiration date, what's that??) ... looks gross but tastes divine, trust me. Made in Portugal since ancient times and no more discussion.

I decided to do a more contemporary Bifana, a healthier version. I used 200 gr of good beef loin and rubbed it with 3 pepper mix and salt then seared all the sides, 2 minutes each. Let the meat cool for a couple of minutes and slice it. In the same pan, fry the sliced beef, till medium-rare.

Slice a bread roll and spread with butter on each half. Place the beef and ruculla seasoned with olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top. Drizzle with sauce. Close the sandwich and it's done.

The sauce I believe that goes best is a classic mayonaise and ketchup mixed with a drop of brandy.

Now grab a cold beer from the fridge, turn on the tv, enjoy the match, feel good.