st one, a carrot soup to push all your senses..
Coming home from work, seriously tired, I thought a drink was deserved. The few coins in my pockets didn't leave me many options: the well known and ubiquitous "Paki store" from Barcelona. These places have got almost everything you need, are open till midnight... and they 're everywhere. They're like the middle east, i guess, you love them on some occasions and you hate them on others. I feel that way, when they save my ass or when they go too deep into my pocket.

Well, keep going, so I went with a few cents into the "Paki", bought some beer, and looked into the ginger basket and picked up a piece without knowing exactly for what and why. Home and bang, need to have some dinner, fast and furious.

So I grabbed a potato, big one, a nice onion, peeled, cut into pieces and boiled with a pinch of salt and olive oil. Next, I added some carrots. Let it all boil, not too long 'cause to make it go faster I sliced everything small so it cooks fast. I opened my beer and that ginger piece was right there. So I thought, why not, and peeled and added it to the ingredients that were boiling.

I remember a similar recipe from a book, or magazine, or tv show or maybe some old grandmother, but yeah.. the fact is that the ginger came into my kitchen without a particular reason. it appeared, like a girl or boy after some drinks at the pub appear in your bed.

The ingredients were ready, soft, so I passed them through a mixer adding some butter for a taste and some water if needed. I always like to add a bit of cream, but I'm not doing that so often now since she wants to loose weight...

try this simple, healthy, colorful and tasty soup and let me know...