dorada odyssey

We went into the market in the morning.

You know markets: colors, smells, loud voices, people, dirty floors, hard work, trades and a "cortado"... sitting at a bar, observing everything around and feeling the place, she looks scared and passioned at the same time. Definitely not comfortable. Let's go, 2nd half of the match. Grab some vegetables and time to pick up some fish. Walking around I have an eye on bloody, shiny skin, bodies from the salty sea somewhere in Galicia. I have my other eye on her, she's excited I know, but mostly very curious, and wants to observe all of it at once, like a four year old "Olita".

I'm divided between "Olita" and the fish with their mongers, the fishermen and women (don't trust them, despite being market sellers, they're spanish...).

I've a surprise, my time to have some fun by myself. I stop in front of what I want, we passed here before, my choice was made. "Dorada" or "oirada".

Fresh, decent price, and most important, I'm considering some filets at home.

But it's time to keep with the plan - "Can you be in charge, just order 2". Controversial... but she hides her nervousness and discomfort... I leave and she stands just in front of the fisherwomen and the fresh seabass.

Her shy, sweet look into other people is perfect for this business, they obviously will take advantage of her, like a drunk girl in a bar.

I leave, but I'm watching her, observing from a distance, the way she moves her hands and face, and her eyes looking around, so nervous without wanting to show...

The most controversial part, time to order. She bounces in a way like she's almost sorry for being there, and the lady rude as a proper spanish, immediately catches on and with a cynical smile, advances like a hunter, she sees the chance to get rid of yesterday's product...

I feel potential danger, and make my move, advance to my target, chose my 2 fish, no smiles, fast, furious, no chance for the lady to think about what's going on...meanwhile, there's an arm around me like an "Olita" putting her arms around her father's neck - "i feel safe now". She keeps her silence and in her continuous innocence can't understand what happened.

Time to get back home, you had enough for today and look tired.

So yeah, I got my fish, some fresh aspargus and cherry tomatoes. Sweet!

What now?

Let's clean the fish, "gross!!" - in her spoiled tone.

"Great, I'll do the first one, watch and you're next!", some've called me "machista".

She's got this adventurous and open mind, so I just need to make sure she doesn't hurt herself. There are two ways, watching her hands and the way she's doing, or just looking into her eyes, and doing it, I just know.
Not the most fun thing to do, but a good job was done.

4 fillets of "dorada" (skins on)
fresh aspargus
cherry tomatoes
salt and pepper
lemon juice
some fresh herbs

Just give a quick boil to the aspargus, and then saute them in butter.
For the fish, a really hot pan, you know, it's fish and you wanna keep the skin looking good and not sticking to the bottom.
Toss the fillets on for a few minutes.
To top it off try this amazing sauce, melt a piece of butter and add some lemon juice, thats it..
Plate as your creativity demands or like the wine you've been drinking recommends...

A beautiful mixed leaf salad with orange slices and a simple olive oil and vinegar dressing as a side is more then enough to make your meal colorful, charming and healthy.