the libanese Adas salad

the libanese cuisine tende to be very aromatic, and refreshing flavours combining with an exotic decor of their courses results in an interesting experience.
one of my favourites is this lentils sort of soup that its as well an excelent warm salad.

Wash around 300 gr (enough for about 4 portions) of lentils and cook them. Make sure that they don't become don't loose thier shape by overcooking. Put them aside, finely chop some red onion, garlic and parsley. Mix everything together with olive oil, and dried mint and let the mixture rest for all those flavours to get to know each other.
When the lentils have cooked, put them in a ball, but save some of the water (lentil juice). Mix the marinade with the lentils, add some salt if needed, some pepper, and most important, some lemon juice. Mix it all up well, give it a taste, add some of that 'juice', and it's ready to serve. Just add some extra parsley on the top and a pinch of olive oil.

It's done, it's delicious and it takes a half hour to prepare.