Everyone loves a good old sandwich, right?

Everyone loves a good old sandwich, we can play around with this classic dish in any way our creativity and imagination allow us to.
On my most recent trip to the market I found some attractive bread full of seeds and nuts, gorgeous, fresh ruccula, smoked ham, and good farm tomatoes.

I sliced the tomatoes into thirds, seasoned the thick slices with some salt, oregano and good olive oil, and then pan-fried them for a couple of minutes, till they were really soft. You can roast them in the oven as well.

I sliced the bread in half, and spread some mustard on a half (grain or dijon are both good and strong). My experimental instinct told me to try some jam on the other half, and it was the perfect choice. Any kind I think will be good, but orange, berry, peach or fig I believe are the best options, anyway like the spanish say - tu mismo!

Place the fried tomatoes, after finishing them off with a litle bit of olive oil, on the bottom bread slice.

Wash and dry the ruccula, season it with some salt, pepper and a drop of lemon juice, very softly. Mix it up very carefully, ruccula has a strong character, very strong taste, but is very fragile, like Nordic country girls..

Place the ruccula under the tomatoes, place the ham on top, if you can use parma ham all the better.

Finally, close the sandwich with the bread slice spread with jam.

Make another sandwich, rap it, grab some wine, a good book, take your friend, go to the park, enjoy your time and your meal.