A master piece called Roast Vegetables

Wake up early, have some coffee, put your shoes on and run to the market.
Walk around, smell, touch, and buy your favourite vegetables.

I got a red and a green pepper (and I wish I could have found a yellow one, 'cause color is important), fresh beautiful medium sized mushrooms, baby potatoes, red onions, two amazing soft tomatoes, a couple of radishes, a nice zuchini, a carrot and some garlic.
After everything was really well washed (I always like to wash vegetables before they go in my fridge), it's time to start preparing a great and million times healthy meal.

Start to cut the potatoes in half and spread them around the tray, then slice the carrots in diagonal, the red onion in 4, the mushrooms in 3 or in half, zuchinis in nice slices, the radishes in 4 and the peppers in not perfect triangals.
When everything is piled in the tray, season with salt, pepper, oregano, olive oil and sliced garlic.
I like to add a couple of bay leaves. They get along well with the garlic and olive oil on all sorts of roasts. Try the combo when cooking rice as well.
In the end, slice the tomatoes in half, put them on top, season with just salt, oregano and olive oil.

Stick the pan in a preheated oven for about 25 minutes at 180ÂșC.

When all the vegetables are cooked, take them out from the tray to serve.
you will notice that there's a lot of liquid in the tray. Don't waste it! Save it to flavour all sorts of cooking, like rice or pasta or soup. There's only natural juices in that flavouring.

If you have nice fresh herbs such as dill, chop it to garnish the vegetabes.
Good ol' parmesan is always welcome too...